Yoshiko Hasegawa

Cloisonné Artist

Welcome to the world of Yoshiko Hasegawa, which expands from cloisonne to a variety of other fields!


About sample works

Information about sample works from Japan.

Sales and orders for the Zushi “Memories Box” have begun.

This elegant zushi blends in with modern life, providing a space for “prayer” and “peace of mind” in today’s hectic daily routine.

Autumn Art a la Carte Exhibition

Wednesday, October 4 – Tuesday, October 10
Last day closes at 5:00 p.m.

Hanshin Umeda Main Store
Hello Culture 3


This event has ended

New Scenery of Jewelry Exhibition in Kanazawa vol.4

Tuesday, September 26 – Sunday, October 1
10:00 – 18:00 (until 17:00 on the last day)
Gallery B
Admission free


This event has ended

Yoshiko Hasegawa Art Work Exhibition

Wednesday, March 8 – Tuesday, March 14
Hanshin Umeda Main Store, 8th floor, Hello Culture 2

This event has ended

& Jewelry


Urushippou” is a fusion of lacquer and cloisonne. “Kilaeclat” is a special plating with glass coating. “Vitrémailles (Urushi-tai-shippo, which literally means ‘glass embryo cloisonné’) refers to glass with cloisonné that has been baked onto it.” “Aqear” earrings are both stylish and healthy.

Please enjoy the beautiful and fun world of cloisonne art jewelry.

& Glass Art

As a leading cloisonne artist, Yoshiko Hasegawa has combined various materials and techniques, created unique glass modeling techniques through research and development, and expanded the scope of her creative activities.

With cloisonne as the starting point of his creation, she produces various art works that express sparkle, luster, and brightness.


Yoshiko Hasegawa’s cloisonne and glass jewelry and art works are sold at exhibitions in department stores and art galleries throughout Japan.

Art works can be viewed at Yoshiko Hasegawa Cloisonne Jewelry Studio (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) upon prior request.

The latest information on exhibitions and events will be posted on this website.

Please contact by email

Please contact us by e-mail to receive information on Yoshiko Hasegawa’s latest events and exhibitions.