Opening Wed. March 8th

Yoshiko Hasegawa Artworks Exhibition

Open Hours

Wednesday March 8th – Tuesday March 14th (2023)
10. a.m. – 8 p.m. 
* Closed at 5pm on 14th


Yoshiko Hasegawa Cloisonné & Glass Artworks 1973 – 2023


Hello Culture 2, Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store, Osaka

Admission Free


On Display Now

Featured Work

Flowers Chest of Drawers

Dramatic meeting of both lacquer and cloisonne are revived as a new jewelry and craft in nowadays.

Rain of Amber Color

Installation using hundreds of traditional Japanese chopsticks  and urushi-cloisonne objet d’art.

Pull-Top Necklace

Recycled material

Nutrition and Food

Silkscreen shippo

Portable Chopsticks

Wood and Kilaeclat


Yoshiko Hasegawa

Cloisonné & Glass Artist


Born in Osaka. Graduated from Kyoto University of Education, Western painting department. Started cloisonne enamel painting while still a student.

From 1970 to the present, she has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in Japan and abroad (Switzerland, Germany, Vienna, France, China, New York, L.A., Houston, Tucson, Chicago, South Korea, Milan, etc.).

She produces accessories and art works through her own research and development of silk-screen cloisonné, Urushippou® and glass embryo cloisonné (Vitremaille®, Kiraekura®, etc.).

She presides over the Hasegawa Yoshiko Cloisonne Workshop and is the leader of the cloisonne enamel modelling group ‘Hanabaku-gumi’.

Author of ‘Cloisonne ware’, ‘New cloisonne’, ‘Glass embryo cloisonne’, ‘Cloisonne accessories’ and many others.


During this exhibition, we replay to you in English. So don’t hesitate to contact us.